Ever since Jordan was old enough to hold a crayon, she was always creating.  Her parents introduced her to the world of fine art, fashion, dance, and musical theater at a young age. 


They took her to the Keith Haring "POP SHOP" in NYC,  Broadway shows for her Birthday several years in a row,  and other various art related events.  Jordan thanks them for immersing her into the art world in her youth. 

She is proud that her younger sister is also

pursuing a career within the arts and cannot

wait to see what the future holds for her. 

Jordan studied her foundation year at The University of The Arts and then went on to 

study Fashion Merchandising at Brookdale

Community College. 


To find a way of combining her passion

for fine art and fashion, Art TuGo- Take Art With

You LLC. was born!

Jordan is also a self-published Author under the name "Jordan Grace", specializing in poetry.

Art TuGo- Take Art With You, LLC. 

Established in 2016, founder Jordan Robinson began sewing and creating after taking an Intro to Fashion Design class in college. After being gifted a sewing machine, she took her creativity to the next level and sought out to create a new and innovative way to wear and carry art.


Seeking inspiration, Jordan came across solid unprimed canvas fabric and was enticed by the blank white fabric - the possibilities were endless. With the canvas, she created an abstract painting and was inspired. Taking it a step further, she created a handbag from the painted canvas, and thus Art TuGo was born. Pleased with the results, she was determined to create art that was accessible to all and allowed for everyone to take art with themselves every day.


Currently, Art TuGo carries a collection of handbags, wallets, and wall art. All products are made with fabric paints and markers to ensure weather and fade resistance.

Jordan G. Robinson

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